Eco Commitment 

Eco Commitment

Graffiti Kill SA provides all our services with an eco guarantee, at no extra charge. We recycle the water used in our high pressure cleaning for grey water, and are consistently researching new eco products to ensure that we are bringing you the greenest solution possible without compromising quality.


High water pressure cleaning

This cleaning method, high pressure water flows effectively removes the stains and impurities most difficult,  including graffiti,oil,mould,dirt,stains,refuse,paint,timber, High water pressure cleaning several significant advantages:


  • Environmental protection - high pressure cleaning is done without using the chemicals that harm the environment.

  • Dry without a trace - high pressure cleaning power allows cleaning houses, graffiti removal floors thoroughly, without leaving marks on the surface.

  • Speed ​​Cleaning - using  high pressure allows for dry surfaces in a few in a few hours.


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