Graffiti removal is a service that more and more people needed. Who has not come across graffiti on the walls and buildings that leave an unwanted mark and damage on their environment? Recent years have seen increasing phenomenon of vandalism and destruction of public and private property by graffiti. While you invest your time and money from the best cultivation and cleanliness of the building, created by one stroke of a spray paint can graffiti leaves an ugly scar. Well groomed appearance of the structure can be destroyed in minutes and aesthetic damage - not to mention a potential impairment. Unfortunately it is difficult to avoid vandals spraying graffiti, but using the right tools will at least remove their simple writings.


Graffiti Removals

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The problem:

Graffiti causes a decrease in the value of properties around it, presents a negative image and attract more vandalism to the building. Graffiti on signs and reflective road sign directing traffic may cause accidents and disruption driving. Graffiti on walls, bridges and street furniture disfigure the landscape. Graffiti in educational institutions is a big nuisance.


The solution that we offer:

Graffiti removal is done using specialized materials for walls and surfaces such as brick, concrete, natural stone and industrial, metal, and more. Unlike other solutions that may result in damage to infrastructure, the environment and users, all materials we use are eco friendly. Materials and workmanship guarantee a solution where graffiti completely and without leaving a trace (shadow) on the wall.We provide a solution for removing graffiti in schools, institutions, municipalities, roads, bridges, metal signs and sign control reflectors entertainment facilities, businesses and more.


Graffiti removal - what is important to know?

Graffiti leaves a prominent mark on the surface, so that if inappropriate techniques such as acid cleaning may leave traces: graffiti may be removed, but it will leave marks on the surface. What is the best method to remove graffiti without leaving a trace?Removing graffiti from walls, Concrete and metal. Graffiti removal is so simple and so important with Eco friendly chemicals made by companies specializing in this field. Removing graffiti from walls and metal is done using special materials, suitable for removal from walls, natural stone surfaces, metal and more. These materials are designated materials, ensuring the removal of graffiti, fully and without leaving any marks on the wall or on the metal. It Is very important to their choice of the right ingredients, made from natural materials that are environmentally friendly and do not harm the surface, In addition, it is important to choose a material made of wax canoba and is in waterbased acrylic that will also protect  walls and metal, to prevent the penetration of the color texture of stone or metal itself next time.



Enjoy surfaces clean and free of Mould,dirt,grime,graffiti.

Important because removing graffiti made by companies specializing in this field, it is recommended to use the services of Graffiti kill SA. Graffiti kill SA company offers its customers very advanced cleaning services, including graffiti removal and metal walls, using special materials suitable for different surfaces. Professional staff and dedicated company, is available at all times and promise you a high quality cleaning and no signs, guard on surfaces for a long time.




Graffiti removals with Graffiti kill SA

We at Graffiti kill SA use high quality Eco friendly chemicals combined with high pressure cleaning for Graffiti removal to ensure rapid and thorough removal of graffiti.With a  Combination of many years of experience with high service awareness will allow us to remove even the most stubborn graffiti while giving good customer service.